Frogs are croaking

Well, I wonder how good the night being filled with the sounds of frogs is to indicate spring has arrived? I think a good one. A clear warm night and it's only the end of March. I feel for all the people who don't live on the west coast and especially on Salt Spring Island. We are getting ready for vacation season- the saturday market starts next week and we are getting ready for our first two retreats of the summer; Gerson Cleanse and an NVC weekend. We've given the cabin it's big spring clean and are getting our other accommodations ready;the garden level suites and the main house. We are still toying with the idea of having B&B rooms this year but haven't made up our mind. See you soon!


The Cherry Blossoms are blooming

Well I was actually trying to photograph the water dripping and sparkling on the cherry blossoms but either I'm not a good enough photographer or my camera isn't good enough? Could be both!

Spring has sprung around here. The cherry blossoms are blossoming. Same for the rhododendrons. Now would be a great time to come visit. Just putting it out there!